Revamped Entelo Profiles

November 9, 2012 at 10:00 PM by Vivek Reddy

Today we're happy to anounce brand new profiles on Entelo! We've listened to your feedback and have now made Entelo profiles more digestible, allowing you to better understand each candidate in a fraction of the time.

The first addition you'll see on a profile is the new Overview Tab. One of the most common requests we heard from users was to give a shorter description of a candidate without having to dive deep into a profile, and the overview tab does exactly that.

You'll now see a candidate's most recent position, highlights from across their social networks and how they're connected to your organization. For example, in the above profile (that's our VP of Product!) you can see John's current title, company, how well connected he is and exactly how he is connected to your organization. You can access the overview in the left navigation bar at anytime.

We've also recently been placing more emphasis on candidate's skills by highlighting their top skills and allowing you to search explicitly by skills. Profile pages now let you take an even deeper dive into exactly why each skill matches to a candidate. On the left navigation bar, you'll see both tabs for each of a candidate's social networks and for skills that we've pulled for him or her. Clicking on one of those skills tabs will give you insight into why we've determined that to be the candidate's skills.

For John's profile, you can see that Ruby matches to his Linkedin profile and you can see which repositories on Github match to Ruby. So if you're looking for a software engineer that know Ruby you can now drill down and see exactly where they've demonstrated that skill, making it easier to see exactly how a candidate is relevant to the skillset you're looking for.

Enjoy the new profiles and leave your comments or feedback below!

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