Recruiting Email Templates: Follow Up

July 17, 2018 at 9:07 AM Sydney Cohen

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Your first outreach email was perfection, but you’re not hearing back. Now what?

In a landscape where jobs are finding people rather than people finding jobs, your initial outreach can get buried under messages from other recruiters. The best way to ensure you capture the attention of candidates is to send a follow up email. In fact, recruiters who use follow ups receive 50% more responses overall than those who don’t. So contrary to popular belief, you do have more than one chance to make a good first impression.

To help you engage those candidates using a follow up, here are some best practices as well as a template to get you started.

Best Practices

Be action oriented. Your initial outreach was likely jam packed with information about your company, the role and the reason this candidate is a great fit. The purpose of the follow up email is to set the meeting. Making an ask using qualifiers like these increases the likelihood the candidate will respond. 

◦ Any interest 

◦ If you’re interested 

◦ Open to 

Be specific about a time to meet. If you give the candidate a handful of days and times to meet, it takes the pressure off of the candidate to set the time, encouraging them to check their calendar to find availability. 

Add a link. Although you provided the candidate with a lot of information in your first email, use the follow up to tell them something they don’t know. Add a link to a piece of press coverage or your blog that shows your company's growth and culture. Here are a few suggestions of topics to share: 

◦ Philanthropy 

◦ Team building activities 

◦ Recent product launches 

◦ New rounds of funding 

◦ Your careers page  

Here is a template that puts these best practices into action:

Hi _____,

I’m checking in to see if you’re interested in having a conversation about the Director of Product Marketing position I emailed you about last week. Let me know if any of the following times work for you:
• _____

• _____

• _____

Additionally, I wanted to share this article on [our latest round of funding/ our most recent team offsite/ our recent charity event] so you can get a sense of the [rapid growth/great company culture] I referenced in my first email.

Looking forward to connecting with you,


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