Recruiting Automation Roundup

August 24, 2018 at 10:48 AM by Sydney Cohen

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It’s no secret to us that technology makes the hiring process smoother and more transparent, but the rest of the world is still getting used to the idea. This week, we’ve seen big headlines scaring us into thinking the robots are taking over, but what these articles really point to is the trend of recruiting automation becoming a standard part of the hiring process. Learn more in this week’s leading news stories.

Your Next Recruiter Could Be an Algorithm by Rebecca Koenig via U.S. News and World Report
"We feel the world is shifting from one where people find jobs to one where jobs find people," he [Job Bischke, founder and CEO of Entelo] says. "Having a more robust, up-to-date web footprint, you're more likely to be found."

Your Next Hiring Manager Could Be an AI by Marcello Sukhdeo via IT in Canada
People who support AI, argue that this technology can eliminate some of these biases. Instead of relying on people’s feelings to make hiring decisions, companies such as Entelo and use machine learning to detect the skills needed for certain jobs.

The State of Automation by Jon White via Book Brunch
What we do know is that to some extent and at some point, within the years to come, automation will touch our lives, and this could be in a positive or negative way depending on a variety of geographical and socio-economic factors. It's now up to us to speculate on how our roles might evolve over time and how we choose to be prepared for the possible, probable or inevitable.

Recruiting automation isn’t about machines replacing people, but machines and humans working together to provide top of the line candidate experience, make better hires, and hit business objectives faster and easier than ever before.