Providing Customers Global Access to Our Digital Interviewing Platform

March 18, 2020 at 12:38 PM by Team Entelo

At Entelo, we want to help our customers make the best decisions for their employees, candidates, families, and businesses. Our goal is to provide exceptional experiences for talent acquisition and we are here to help your hiring team remove obstacles they face during these uncertain times. Given the shift to teams working remotely and the challenge that poses to the interview process, we’ve decided to offer all existing and new Entelo customers without access to digital interviewing, free access to our digital interviewing solutions until June, 30th 2020. 


On-Demand Digital Interviews

Our On-Demand Digital Interviewing solution allows you to save time screening candidates and continue to hire at-scale during this difficult time. 

Benefits include:

• 70% time savings over phone screens

• Ability to showcase your employer brand with incredibly personalized communications and videos about your company, culture, and team members

• Educate candidates on what they can expect from the entire interview process

• Utilize an array of customizable interview formats
• The ability to ask qualifier questions to reduce candidate screening time
• Trackable notes that can be shared across the hiring team
• Hiring committee reviews can be conducted at any time

• Helps support and foster growth within a remote workforce



Live Digital Interviews

Our Live Digital Interviewing solution prevents delays in interviewing top candidates, with the flexibility that comes with virtual interviews. 


Benefits include:

• 64% improvement in time-to-hire

• Ability to conduct face-to-face video interviews at scale, anywhere at any time
• Increased flexibility for both hiring team & candidates
• Reduced travel expenses for in-person interviews
• Ability to complete more interviews in shorter periods of time
• Enables increased collaboration during the entire interview process

• Helps support and foster growth within a remote workforce


To learn more about how you can use digital interviewing within your organization, contact us today!


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*Entelo customer access includes unlimited on-demand interviews and up to 300 hours of Live Interviewing per organization, per month and runs through June 30th, 2020.