Podcast: From Buzzwords to Best Practices: HR Tech 2018 with Sarah Brennan

September 13, 2018 at 10:07 AM by Sydney Cohen

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#HRTechConf is well underway. The expo hall is buzzing, 80 new products are launching and speakers are sharing great insights that attendees can’t wait to share with their teams back home.


We’re capturing it all from the expo hall on Hiring On All Cylinders. Be sure to keep up with our podcast to hear from great speakers and industry leaders from HR Tech 2018.

First up, we have Sarah Brennan, founder & chief advisor at Accelir, an advisory firm improving experiences for candidates, employees and customers as we move towards the future of work.

This is Sarah’s 16th year at HR Tech, but the magic of the show is still alive. “I’ve seen this from all perspectives. Doesn’t matter who you are, but the first night is always so exciting,” she told Hiring On All Cylinders Host, Sean Simmerly and Entelo CMO, Mike Trigg.

“When I first started coming to HR Tech it really was an enterprise show, what I’ve seen really evolve [is] we are starting to see a number of startups,” said Sarah. 


The focus on recruiting and sourcing is a recent trend of HR Tech.  “It took a long long time for recruiting vendors to attend this show and even longer for recruiting practitioners to start attending.”

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