Innovative Solutions: Driving Growth Through Diversity

August 21, 2018 at 9:40 AM by Jenn Hourani

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When Entelo hosted its Recruiting Automation Summit a couple months ago, we noticed a repeat theme in speaker panels, breakout sessions, and side conversations: diversity in hiring. How do you create a diversity initiative quickly, but sustainably? How do you measure activity and set best practices? What are the most successful companies doing?

These questions are nothing new. Companies ranging from startups to major corporations have emphasized the importance of a diverse workforce. While progress has been made, the numbers could be better; a recent Forbes article said that 94% of American tech workers give their companies a mere “passing grade” when it comes to diversity. With this glaring inequity at hand, the tools and methods around diversity hiring have multiplied. Reporting software, consultants, interview scorecards, Entelo Diversity and Unbiased Sourcing Mode, all allow heads of talent to implement, measure, and evaluate efforts around diversity and inclusion. These last few years, it’s become easier and more urgent than ever, for companies to back up values with actions.
Entelo is feeling this urgency, too. When Entelo Diversity first launched in 2014, recruiters were empowered  to efficiently build a diverse pipeline of quality candidates. By partnering with more diverse networks, Entelo tapped into even larger candidate pools, expanding our reach. Recently, Entelo launched Unbiased Sourcing Mode, to mitigate bias every step of the recruiting process. However, as we continue to listen to the resounding voice of the hiring industry, we realize that to do more, you need more, and so our efforts continue to transform diversity from an ideal to an actionable goal.
I recently partnered with our diversity product lead, Elena Sigacheva, to run Entelo customer feedback sessions on diversity and inclusion initiatives, to help shape our roadmap. Repeat requests I heard, focused on the need for best practices; a safe place to discuss ideas and ask questions; an urge to implement quickly; a desire to cultivate hiring manager buy-in. From this feedback, I gleaned that although the tools help, there is a need for a real-time, social forum for our local heads of talent to explore these topics.
With this in mind, we’ve designed Entelo’s upcoming “Innovative Solutions: Driving Growth Through Diversity” event, targeted at local talent leaders who want  to change the way their companies hire. The panel will take place on Wednesday, September 26th in downtown San Francisco, a few minutes away from Embarcadero Bart Station.

Our speaker panel, moderated by Senior D&I Consultant Lily Jampol, will include Tariq Meyers, Global Head of Belonging, Inclusion, and Employee Experience at Coinbase; Lily Zheng, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Author of Gender Ambiguity in the Workplace: Transgender and Gender-Diverse Discrimination; and Mandy Bynum McLaughlin, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at New Relic.
To ensure the conversation covers all the things that are top of mind for attendees, we are encouraging you to submit questions for the speakers via the registration form. Following an hour-long discussion with Q&A, we’ll host post-event networking so that you can connect with other experts or find your D&I accountability sponsor, as you shape processes within your sphere.
Please remember to RSVP soon – spots will fill up!