Entelo Envoy - Sourcing While You Sleep

September 10, 2018 at 7:00 AM by Team Entelo


When we launched Entelo Envoy at the HR Technology Conference last year, our aim was to make sourcing job candidates as simple as possible. Since then, we’ve helped numerous companies put their sourcing on autopilot, and watched them use that saved time to bolster candidate experience programs, form stronger talent relationships and ultimately build amazing teams.

We’ve seen what works and what can be made even easier, so now we’re happy to introduce a new Envoy Input Form that is even simpler to use and makes sourcing candidates as effortless as posting a status update.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (4)This new form is a simple, intuitive flow that walks even a novice sourcer through the process and sets them up for success.
The new Envoy Input form allows anyone to:

Instantly understand candidate supply: Using this new form, recruiters can get a snapshot of their candidate pools in real time as they add or remove criteria. Being able to adjust criteria on the fly allows recruiters to get very strategic as they collaborate with hiring managers on nice to haves vs. need to haves for new roles.

Less wait time: Entelo Envoy delivers a batch of relevant candidates instantly, meaning as soon as a recruiter uploads a job description, they can see a list of qualified prospective hires.
Simple intuitive workflow: This dynamic, friendly onboarding experience requires nearly no training and is as simple as posting on social media.

If you’re attending the HR Technology Conference this week, come see us at booth #1342, we’ll be showcasing the latest version of Entelo Envoy and giving away sleep masks so that you can you can get some rest in Las Vegas and literally, be sourcing while you sleep.

See you at the show!