Best of the Week: 5 Must-Read Recruitment Articles

February 22, 2014 at 2:15 AM by Rob Stevenson

Happy Saturday, recruiting pros! Over the week, we've kept tabs on the most insightful recruiting pieces and most pressing breaking news. _Gold_medal_of_in_Sochi_in_2014_Olympics_057532_For your convenience, we've compiled them into a post so you don't have to worry about missing a thing. Read on for your Weekly Recruiting Digest!

LinkedIn Opens Publishing Platform

This week, Linkedin rolled out a new feature which enables users to publish original long-form content. According to their statement:

This morning LinkedIn opened its publishing platform to its members, allowing them to share their expertise and build their professional brand by posting original long-form content. When a member publishes a post on LinkedIn, this original content becomes part of their professional profile.

Assuming this practice catches on, it could operate as a display of expertise that recruiters can use to augment their search for qualified, engaged, relevant candidates. In his post,'s Matt Charney considers whether this is merely LinkedIN's attempt to fill their site with free, original content.

Bullhorn Releases 2013 Recruiting Trends Report

Each year, Bullhorn publishes an exhaustive and comprehensive report aimed to "assess the state of the staffing industry from the vantage point of business performance, recruiter compensation, recruiting technologies, and measurement best practices" This week, they published 2013's report, and it is packed with data and key insights into how recruiter performance is typically measured. Some key takeaways:

  • Compensation has increased for manager-and-up level staffing pros, but decreased for recruiters and sourcers

  • Recruiters report more placement success for candidates sourced via Facebook as opposed to Twitter

  • Greatest opportunity for recruiters is increased access to passive candidates via social media

Facebook Enables Job Title Targeting

Friday morning, Facebook announced capability for ads to be targeted directly against users' job title. Although this primarily effects B2B marketers, Facebook is clearly hoping to ramp up engagement amongst recruiters in what is surely an attempt to steal their attention away from LinkedIn. Facebook addressed the update's utility to recruiters in their announcement:

"Maybe you're a recruiter for a law firm and want to specifically advertise to associate attorneys at law firms in New York. Now you can. Core Audiences now covers information like workplace and job title, and offers expanded information about education."

Free eBook: Best Practices for Effectively Messaging Candidates

After conducting market research on candidates' experiences with recruiters, we at Entelo put together this eBook and arrived at what the best methods are for approaching top talent -- according to the talent themselves. The eBook will teach you:

  • How to keep your message out of candidates' trash bins

  • Four messaging tactics to fill your organization's open reqs

  • The one company perk to highlight to guarantee talent moves through the hiring process

SourceCon Launches Recruiting Q&A Site

The recruitment news giant SourceCon this week released, a quora-like site meant to harbor discussion amongst recruiters. Questions are sortable by such as by tag, unanswered, or by top users. As Editor-In-Chief Todd Raphael explains in his post:

The site – as the domain extension suggests — is a question-and-answer website for exchanging ideas and asking questions. Take a look and you’ll see examples of topics: LinkedIn, video interviewing,, webscraping the sourcing process, military hiring, Google+, and more.

At time of posting, the top questions:

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