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How American Express Cut Sourcing Time by 75%

In a world where financial services employment is projected to rise by 6 percent by 2024, and the number of finance and accounting workers nearing retirement has been on the incline since 2011, Global TA Recruitment Manager at American Express, Ahmed Abouelkhir is up against large hiring challenges.

Recruiting Automation Roundup

Recruiting can be thankless work. Sourcing, keeping up with outreach, scheduling interview loops, meetings with hiring managers and screening candidates can often leave recruiters wishing they could get some relief and appreciation. This week’s headlines are all about the ways recruiting automation enables recruiters to operate at a higher level. By allowing recruiting automation to automate manual tasks, recruiters are freed to focus on the more nuanced part of their jobs and show their bosses how strategic they can be.

Recruiting Automation Roundup

It’s no secret to us that technology makes the hiring process smoother and more transparent, but the rest of the world is still getting used to the idea. This week, we’ve seen big headlines scaring us into thinking the robots are taking over, but what these articles really point to is the trend of recruiting automation becoming a standard part of the hiring process. Learn more in this week’s leading news stories.

Recruiting Automation Roundup, Blog Edition

To keep up with industry news, we often turns to major publications and media outlets. However some of the most actionable advice and most interesting insights can be found in the blogosphere. Today we’re highlighting great pieces from some of our favorite HR and recruiting blogs.

The RASY Award Winners Are...

Welcome to the  age of recruiting automation, one in which machines and humans work together to produce higher quality work, at scale. While some recruiting departments are just familiarizing themselves with this new trend, other companies have embraced automation to vastly improve hiring. At the inaugural Recruiting Automation Summit this June, Entelo awarded the following organizations with the RASY Awards, highlighting their achievements in revolutionizing hiring.

Here are the winners of this year’s RASY Awards:

Recruiting Automation Roundup

The headlines this week are filled with insight into the various ways AI is working to represent underrepresented groups. AI as part of the recruiting process has the potential to mitigate unconscious bias and move diversity initiatives in the right direction. Learn more in this week’s roundup: