7 Recruiters Whose Tweets You Can't Afford to Miss

September 3, 2014 at 12:21 PM by Rob Stevenson

I know, I know. Your time is money, and time spent away from sourcing, messaging, scheduling, and Best recruiters on twitterinterviewing is expensive. It's important, however, to occasionally take a step back, keep up with your industry, and see what the top recruiters are talking about. A great way to do this without taking too much time is to hop on Twitter, where there is an abundance of quality to be found both in commentary recruiters make in 140 characters as well as the content they share. Here's a list of 7 top Recruiters whose tweets you can't afford to miss.

Jeremy Roberts, @ImJeremyR

A seasoned Recruiter and Chief Editor and Organizer of SourceCon, Jeremy tweets out consistently great content, and not merely in the form of blog posts. Because he's rubbed shoulders with many top recruiters, Jeremy hosts a regular Google hangout, SourceCon Live, where he and other influencers discuss the latest in recruitment goings on. These hour-long conversations are found on his Twitter feed, and make for great background listening while you simultaneously perform other tasks.


Greg Savage, @Greg_Savage

Founder of two recruitment solutions, FireBrand Talent and People2People, Greg is a trailblazer in recruitment, as well as a lucid writer. In addition to the links he shares, what makes Greg a great follow is his frequent, incise, and succint recruitment wisdom.


Maren Hogan, @MarenHogan

The founder & CEO of Red Branch Media, Maren exists as the prodigious overlap in the Venn diagram charting Marketing and Recruitment. On the Twitterverse, Maren does a great job of pulling out the insight from the links she shares, cutting to the "So what?" of the content.



Irina Shamaeva, @Braingain

Irina's proficiency with Boolean Search--the recruitment tool that simultaneously requires creativity and technical know-how--could stand on it's own as a reason to follow. In addition, however, Irina's Twitter stream offers recruiters an opportunity to get more engaged in the sourcing world. By hosting regular sourcing challenges, as well as asking followers what they'd like to see in her extensive webinars, you can hone your recruitment skills while also requesting instruction.



Glen Cathey, @GlenCathey

Another Boolean All-Star, Glen is the creator and admin of Boolean Black Belt, which is ripe for pros looking to really put an edge on their sourcing chops. Glen tweets out some truly creative search strings, as well as his ideas on some truly thought provoking recruitment issues.




Jim Stroud, @JimStroud

Want to see the latest guides and updates to the recruitment industry? Look no further than Jim Stroud. Tweeting multiple times a day, and always with great content that's new at least to me, Jim is as close to a single exhaustuve recruitment coverage as you're like to find. In addition to aggregating links, Jim's own blog is full of great insight and tips.


Johnny Campbell, @SocialTalent

Founder of SocialTalent.co, Johnny makes for a great follow due to his constant commentary and knowledge base on talent acquisition. More recently, Johnny's focus is on how social media plays into recruitment, but don't be surprised to see him cover other ground as well.



Who are your favorite Recruiters on Twitter? Did I snub you? Leave a comment or tweet @EnteloRob!

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