Entelo's 10 Most Read Articles of 2018

December 18, 2018 at 1:04 PM by Grace Newman

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If the 2018 Recruiting Trends Report is any indication, this year has been a big one for recruiting automation. The most successful talent teams have already begun to separate themselves from the pack by leveraging AI within their recruiting process– hiring great-fit, diverse talent faster and more efficiently than the competition.

With a finger on the pulse of the industry, the Entelo blog shares the data, stories, and best practices behind the most prevalent recruiting trends. Looking back at most read articles of 2018, it’s clear that recruiting automation – as well as it's implications in D&I – ranks high amongst this year’s trends. Take a look to see what else was top of mind for our readers in 2018:


1. Infographic: Recruiting Automation Landscape

“As the labor market tightens, expectations of faster wage growth are on the rise and the competition for talent stiffens. Recruiters like you need every tool at your disposal to navigate this highly competitive terrain, and today, those tools are more complicated than ever before. As the HR technology market grows, and more players join the space, we’re seeing a new category emerge called, “recruiting automation.”


2. Quantifying the Gender Gap in Technology

“When looking at engineering, data science, and product design roles specifically, we found that engineering had the lowest percentage of women while product design has the highest. As hiring managers, recruiters and company leaders think about how to recruit and retain women in tech roles, they should be mindful of which roles are at the highest risk.”


3. Recruiting Email Templates Outreach

"Entelo analyzed millions of recruiting emails to bring you conclusive evidence on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to recruiting outreach emails. In fact, recruiters who follow these do’s and don’ts see a 30 percent higher reply rate on average."

4.  Infographic: The Science of Recruiting Email Outreach

“Emails that include job descriptions have abysmal reply rates. In fact, emails that include the phrase “job requirements” have the lowest reply rates of any group we tested–up to 80% lower.”


5. Ten Podcasts Every Recruiter Should Listen To

“Why should recruiters listen to podcasts? Because they’re interesting, entertaining, free, and you can listen to them anywhere. Here at Entelo, we listen to podcasts while we work, during our commutes, workouts, and my personal favorite, while making breakfast on the weekends. Podcasts are an incredibly inexpensive and convenient way to invest in yourself as a human and, of course, as a recruiter!”


6. The Best Recruiting Software of 2018

“Over the course of 2018, thus far, recruiting automation has shaped and changed recruiting practices making hiring smarter and faster than ever. In fact, at the close of 2017, 62 percent of talent acquisition professionals were planning to spend money on AI-powered recruiting software. Due to this major shift in the industry, we’re wrapping up the best recruiting software on the market in 2018.”


7. Implementing Your Diversity and Inclusion Iniative From The Top of The Funnel

"While there are many reasons why it’s so hard to achieve the desired workforce representation, it is particularly challenging to move the needle forward when you lack clear visibility into the composition of your candidate pipeline. As Peter Drucker said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.””


8. A Field Guide To Recruiting Data Scientists

“Right now there is far more demand for data pros than supply -- IBM predicts that demand for data scientists will rise 28% by 2020. That’s one reason why the Harvard Business Review declared “data scientist” the sexiest job of the 21st century five years ago."


9. The 16 Books Every Modern Recruiter Should Read

“Most of the books are focused on mastering and understanding communication skills, modern technology (like AI and automation), the fundamentals of human behavior, teamwork, and how to keep learning throughout your life. To different degrees, sourcing and recruiting at a high level requires each of these skills. Keeping them sharp will let you stay ahead of the curve in the always-evolving world of talent.”


10. Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion With The New Unbiased Sourcing Mode

“Left unchecked, unconscious bias can have negative implications when it comes to the way companies hire. Even with the best intentions and the most experienced recruiters, unconscious bias can creep into the sourcing process, resulting in certain candidates gaining an advantage in the hiring process for the wrong reasons and thwarting opportunities for other candidates that may be the right fit for the job.”


What has been a focus for your team this year? How are you thinking about improving your recruitment strategy going into 2019? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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